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Print is Alive and Well: Is Your Business Using It?

( -- January 17, 2019) -- Digital marketing allows businesses to reach large swaths of prospective customers via very efficient and cost-effective means. But even in 2019, there’s a place for print marketing. Are you using it?

The Value in Print Marketing

When it comes to print, most people fall into one of two camps. They either assign it a nostalgic label and see it as “cool” in an old school sense of the word, or they view it as outdated and ineffective. But these individuals are missing the real, tangible value that comes from an investing in print marketing. Benefits of which include:

Better focus and comprehension. When people read content online, they tend to skim the information for ideas. By contrast, people who read content on paper actually slow down and take a more deliberate approach. This improved focus leads to better comprehension and recall – something that’s important in a marketing setting.

Less noise. When online, a consumer is constantly targeted by advertisements, marketing messages, branding statements, and content. It’s easy for a user to become overwhelmed to the point that they block it all out. With print marketing, you’re able to cut through the noise by circumventing this convoluted environment.

Cost-effective. Print marketing is far cheaper than trying to secure a prime PPC ad slot or get your brand featured on a top website. This makes it ideal for businesses with more conservative budgets.

Versatile. Finally, there’s a massive amount of versatility that comes with print marketing. From magazines and newsletters to billboards, flyers, and giveaways, there’s always something to fit your strategy.

How to Excel With Print

There’s a reason 4 out of 5 small business owners say professional printing helps them stand out. Print marketing, when properly aligned with an established digital marketing strategy, can deliver exceptional results for small businesses and established brands alike.

Here are some ways your company can maximize results:

1. Find a Reliable Print Partner

One of the foundational building blocks to successful print marketing is to have a reliable printing partner within reach. Trying to manage your printing in-house can prove to be disastrous.

“Some printing projects can seem a bit complicated. No one wants to run into problems during the production process, but sometimes issues come up and you will find yourself in need of help,” says Ginny Crispin, a graphic designer at Printing Center USA. “Use a company that can give you both the ease of using an online service and the personal service you deserve.”

2. Proofing Is Your Friend

You’ll eventually reach a point in your print marketing strategy where you feel comfortable enough to put some things on autopilot – but proceed with caution. It’s extremely important that you don’t overlook the proofing phase, which allows you to analyze everything from content and graphics to finer details like color, line breaks, and trimming.

“If you have any doubts, ask for clarification. This is the last opportunity to make changes, corrections, or additions to your design or printing specifications,” StartupNation explains. “Have a third person look the proof over before you sign off on it. Remember: At the proof stage, there are no dumb questions!”

3. Be Consistent

Marketing is a long-term play. While you may occasionally see a direct conversion, this isn’t necessarily what you’re aiming for. The objective is to expose the right people to your brand in a way that helps them develop positive association and trust in what you do. To make this happen, you have to be consistent with your print marketing efforts – both in what you’re putting out there and where it’s being placed.

Invigorate Your Approach

It’s really easy to get caught in the same old marketing strategies and stale techniques. With all of the automated tools and software available online, you can be totally hands-off in many areas. And while this can be nice with certain applications, it’s dangerous in other areas. Marketing thrives on creativity and ingenuity – without it, your brand loses its power and influence.

So while digital is the way to go in today’s marketing world, you should constantly be looking for ways to reinvigorate and diversify your strategies. With print marketing, you can cut through the noise and engage your target audience on a very tangible level. Give it a try this year and see what you think.

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