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DX Print & Mail's Fulfillment Center offers a full array of fulfillment, distribution, and warehouse services. Our solutions are intelligent, cost-efficient, and easily tailored to meet any fulfillment need including e-commerce, promotional material, kitting, distribution, and 3PL (third-party logistics).

At DX Print & Mail, we view fulfillment as more than the logistics of shipping and distributing. We truly partner with you to ensure your customer receives their product quickly and in perfect condition. We pride ourselves in exceeding both your expectations and those of your customers.

Our unique “Under One Roof” approach has proven to be a serious advantage for our clients, who get the benefit of our many years of experience satisfying every fulfillment service need.

Print Management & Fulfillment Services . . . 

Pick-and-Pack Fulfillment, E-commerce, Promotional Material,

Kitting and Distribution…and more!

DX Print & Mail will design a fulfillment program customized to fit your needs:​

  • Warehousing Services: A logical warehouse plan plus efficient use of available transportation. We apply state-of-the-art inventory control methods to safeguard all products in our custody and maintain a secure facility. Additionally, we offer value-added warehousing services, including:

    • Product conversion (e.g. simple labeling or ticketing)

    • Light assembly and manufacturing

    • Kitting

    • Retail pallet configurations – single-product and mixed-product pallet configurations according to your specs

  • Inventory Management: DX Print & Mail's Fulfillment’s proprietary warehouse management system (WMS) adapts to meet your precise requirements. Custom programming can quickly address product rotation, lot control, and cycle counts for high-volume fulfillment with high accuracy. We deliver industry-leading performance on order accuracy and on-time shipment.

  • E-commerce Fulfillment: DX Print & Mail Fulfillment integrates with online retailers to provide seamless pick, pack and ship services, including online inventory maintenance and customer shipment tracking. We can even create online customer accounts for you.

  • Pick and Pack: DX Print & Mail Fulfillment uses the most efficient methods for pick and pack services for both B2C and B2B shipping.

  • Distribution and Shipping: Our superior warehousing services ensure the quickest and most reliable means of delivery to your distribution channels. We ship to retailers using your specified packaging and routing preferences and can customize services at any stage of the process.

  • Promotional Materials: DX Print & Mail Fulfillment efficiently and accurately sends out the promotional materials you’re using to attract more customers and further build your business.

Our cross-trained labor pool and strategic use of temporary labor lets us economically manage volume spikes, so distribution service costs are in line with your revenue.

Want to find out more about how DX Print & Mail Fulfillment can benefit your business?

Contact us today at 912.234.4122 for more details on exactly how we can help you with an efficient, cost-smart solution for all your fulfillment needs.

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