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At DX Print & Mail we work to get your message out to

the right audience in the most effective way possible.

Getting a printed piece from the printing press into the mail and ultimately to the intended audience requires a knowledge of the complexities of the postal system. We can help you with that. We can consult with you not only on ways to reach your targeted groups but also on a direct mail format that will produce results. 



All successful marketing campaigns begin with clear and accurate data. DX Print & Mail will help you gain an understanding of your target audience based on different segmentations (including demographics and lifestyles). The segmented data is a key component in understanding what your consumer needs, how groups differ, and ultimately how the consumer decides among products. 

Then we'll find the lists that deliver the target audience and combine it with relevant programs that pinpoints a need and when you meet that need, your customers will remain true to your brand and keep coming back.


  • Targeted mailings delivered to individuals and businesses based on consumer preferences

  • Carrier Route and Walk Sequence saturation mailings delivered to everyone in a specified zip code or carrier route

  • EDDM® is a targeted technique that lets you map your marketing mail audience by age, income, household size or drive time

  • New customer acquisition

  • Loyalty programs

  • Reminder programs

  • New homeowners/relocation

  • Lost customer recovery

  • B2B marketing


In that one minute, you have the opportunity to be heard by your target consumer and your message must be clear, concise and personalized.



Personalized marketing is highly effective as you are speaking directly to your prospect with information that will significantly benefit their life, thus improving brand engagement. In this day and age, with personal data so readily available for brands, consumers not only expect, but demand, you personalize their experience with your company. It builds trust, consumer loyalty and ensures you are targeting your services at those who will buy your product.


  • Full-service certified and fully automated with electronic verification for presort standard, presort first class, first class and non-profit mailings

  • CASS certification, NCOA processing and Intelligent Mail Barcoding

  • Complete ink-jetting and addressing capabilities

  • Automated envelope insertion

  • As an added benefit for customers, the Mail Anywhere program allows DX Print & Mail to use a single permit to present full-service mailings at any Business Mail Acceptance site. 



It goes without saying that tracking your campaign is critical. By tracking the responses of a successful campaign, you can hope to replicate it in the future. Tracking responses needn’t be a complicated process – you can incorporate coupon codes, QR codes or specific URLs to your mailing – especially if you are testing several campaigns at the same time. Measuring your marketing also helps to track budget and analyze whether you can afford to input more time and resources into the next, and so on.


Using direct mail effectively can be one of the least expensive ways of reaching your target audience, provided the list is fine-tuned and all the mailing requirements are met. Just tell us who you want to reach and we’ll help you do it. We’ll consult with you on your list, discuss the various mailing options, and get your piece into the hands of your audience.

Contact us today at 912.234.4122 for a free consultation.

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